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Address: 234 West Main Street, Waukesha, WI 53186

Phone: +1 262-544-8030


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Great chocolate that really hits the varieties and options for a reasonable price!
Posted at Jun, 26 2020, by Tyler Nielsen
Wonderful! Arranged a girl scout program here with our 2nd and 3rd grade Brownie troop. There is a variety of scout programs to choose from- we chose the one that earns the girls their official Senses badge. All of the Allo Chocolat staff I talked to was friendly and helpful. They have 3 program teachers with different hours, so it was fairly easy to coordinate a time to meet. Since our drive there was 30-40 minutes (depending on traffic), our teacher (Susan) said she would be flexible in our start time. Since we had never been there before, she emailed us directions and detailed information on where to park and where the classroom was (it's around the corner from their storefront). Thanks to that information, we found it easily.

Susan was a fantastic teacher and the chocolate was wonderful. (She let us leaders sample it too). After the girls compared and contrasted the different kinds of chocolate, the girls hand-dipped a variety of sweet and salty foods in 3 different kinds of chocolate, choosing which items they wanted to dip in each kind of chocolate. The girls were thrilled. In addition to what the girls sampled there, each girl came home with a sealed bag of the treats that they had made.

I would definitely recommend the programs here. They are not only for scouting troops. You can pull together 10 people (the minimum) or more and have a unique birthday party, girl's night, after-work social event, etc. Or you can just buy something in their store- even though I have my favorite kids, everything looks great.
Posted at Mar, 13 2020, by Stacey Thieme
Very pricey, but excellent chocolate products.

The service is always really nice too. They will greet you with a smile every time.
Posted at Dec, 30 2019, by Annette Cornell

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